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Work Task Continuum

One way of viewing the general nature of the physical requirements inherent in work is through the work task continuum shown in Exhibit 10″+. In this typology, manual tasks put stress on large muscle groups in the body and lead to overall fatigue. Motor tasks are controlled by the central nervous system and their measure of effectiveness is the speed and precision of movements. While these tasks lead to fatigue the effect is localized in the smaller muscle groups such as the fingers hands and arms and hence cannot be adequately measured by indices of general fatigue. Mental tasks involve rapid decision making based on certain types of stimuli such as blips on a radar screen or defects in a product. Here the measure of effectiveness is generally some combination of response time and the number and types of errors. As noted in Exhibit 10.4, motor tasks and mental tasks fall under the heading human engineering while the study of the physical aspects of work in general is called ergonomics (from the Greek noun for “work” and the Greek verb for “to manage”)

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