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Unexpected Bonus

Wajnert decided to hire his own employees and give them “ownership and accountability.” His first concern was to increase efficiency not to provide more rewarding jobs. But in the end he did both. In 1986. AITCC set up 11 teams of 10 to 15 newly hired workers in a high-volume division evening businesses. The three major lease pressing functions were combined in each team. longer were calls from customer hunted from department to department. The company all divided its national staff of field agents into seven regions and assigned two or three teams to handle business from each region. That way, the same teams
always worked with the same-sales staff establishing a personal relationship with them and their customers. Above all team members took responsibility for solving customers’ problem . ATTCC’s new slogan: “Whoever gets the call owns the problem.”
The teams largely manage themselves. Members make most decisions on how to deal with customers, schedule their own time off. reassign work when people are absent, and interview prospective new employees. The only supervisors are seven regional managers who advise the team members, rather than give orders. The result The teams process up to 800 lease applications a day very us 400 under the old system. Instead of taking several days to give a final yes or no the teams do it in 24 to 48 hours. As a result AITCC is growing at a 40 percent to 50 percent compound annual rate Wajnert says.

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