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Types of Service Layouts

We use the three basic types of manufacturing facility layouts that were described earlier in this chapter as a framework for identifying the different types of layouts that exist in service operations. Process Layout The support services for an emergency room in a hospital offer a good.

example of a process layout with radiology blood analysis and the pharmacy each being located in a specific area of the hospital. Patients requiring any of these specific services therefore must go to the respective locations where these services are provided. The kitchen of a large restaurant also can be viewed a, a process layout. Here all of the desserts and breads are prepared in the bake shop fruits and vegetables are peeled. sliced and diced in the prep area and raw meats and seafood are prepared for cooking in the butcher shop. Even the cooking line often is subdivided by type of process with all of the frying taking place in one area broiling and roasting in another and sauteed dishes in a third.

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