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Types of Manufacturing Layouts

There are three basic types of layouts that have been identified in manufacturing plants:
(a) process layout. (b) product layout, and (c) fixed-position layout. In addition. there is one hybrid that is referred to as a group technology or cellular layout. which is a combination of process and product layouts. We discuss all of these in detail except for the fixed-position layout. As a starting point for this discussion, Exhibit 8.1 presents the general characteristics
of a good layout for both manufacturing and service operations.

 In a process layout (also called e job-shop layout or a Will bv function i. similar equipment or functions are grouped together. such as in a machine shop where all the lathes are in one area and all the stamping machine, are in another. A part being worked on travels from one area to the next. according to the specific sequence of operations required this type of layout is often found in high-mix 10 volume manufacturing plants that have an intermittent process.

A product layout (also called flow shop layout ) is one in which equipment or work processes are arranged according to the progressive steps by which the product made.If equipment is dedicated to the continual production of a narrow product line this i usually

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