TIME IS MONEY AT DISNEY’S THEME PARKS Operations Management Assignment Help


Everyone goes 0 Disney theme parks, everyone has to wait in lines. (Well almost everyone) And most people hate to wait in these lines Now some people have ways to avoid these lines. Disney's policy is that everyone is a VIP but the reality is that some are more VIP than others. For an additional cost of $50-$60 per ticket you can buy a theme park VIP tour. This will get you special privileges such as viewing shows from preferred seating to a personal escort on and off certain attractions. This service isn't very widely known and you almost have to jump through hoops to obtain it. Another way to avoid waiting lines is to be a celebrity or top business executive. Disney reasons that the top executive or celebrity is an attraction in and of itself and tries to let that celebrity enjoy his or her stay at the park as well as retaining a modicum of anonymity. Another way to get this so-called star treatment is to work for a company that sponsors the ride. It just takes a little savvy, like having a business card from your organization knowing how to ask the right people with the right words and you're there Other rides that your company
may not be affiliated with are available simply by networking. Yes another way of avoiding these waiting lines is to spend big bucks at the hotel. Just put down an extra $300 a night for a stay on one of the special concierge floors and your concierge may even jump through hoops to accommodate your wishes and give you special passes. The best way to endure a theme park unless you're exceptionally rich or a very special person Grin and bear it and wait in line. Who knows? You might even meet a new friend. In providing fast service however the real goal of service managers should not be to ensure that customer are served within a specified time (e.g., a stated number of minutes) hut rather to ensure that customers are sufficiently satisfied with the level of service provided so that they will want to return in the future.

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