The Role of Technology in Operations

EMC Uses Technology to Enhance Its Customer Service

EMC Uses Technology to Enhance Its Customer Service The best kind of problem is no problem, or one that i anticipated and fixed before it even occurs. And no one is better at doing this than E.M.C Corporation. a manufacturer of data storage systems. Using state-of-the-art technology. a wide variety of sensors are installed in its storage systems. …

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Customer Training

Customer Training Customers also frequently are required to undergo some degree of training when a new technology interacts directly with them. Depending on the type of technology and the level of sophistication required to use it, customer training can vary from a simple pamphlet describing how to use the new technology to attending classes that carefully  document the …

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Worker Training

Worker Training Workers often are required to develop additional skills when a new technology is introduced into the operation. These new skills can be developed through training classes that not only describe the use of the technology but also simulate its use. This allows workers to become familiar with the new equipment and to “debug the process” prior to …

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Training and Support

Training and Support Significant amounts of up-front training must be built into the overall new technology process. This training is often required of both workers and customers. Failure to provide proper training will lead to inefficient operations and frustration. In addition, both workers and customers must have the necessary’technical support when questions arise and/or equipment malfunctions occur.