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The Impact of Technology

State-or-the-art software has had a significant impact on the overall management of the supply chain. These software packages. in combination with network linkage- proxy indeed by the Internet; allow each of the organizations within a supply chain to share information on a real-rime basis. Knowing the actual demand a-, it occurs allows each of the firms in the' chain to operate leaner with less inventory while <simultaneously providing them with the ability to respond fa term to change in the market Exhibit 13.5 shows some of the major SC[ software package, that are caused companies to establish long-term relationships with a smaller number of suppliers than was previously the case. Increased competition also has forced companies to look to the four comers of the globe for suppliers that can meet their needs. As a result, the logistics and associated costs of transporting goods over great distances have become major factors in vendor selection. However, while the use of international vendors has caused the supply chain to become longer in many cases, there is a trend toward disintermediation, which eliminates many of the intermediate stages in the overall supply chain.


2.What are the advantages and disadvantages to a firm having a small number of suppliers?
Supply chain management as presented in this chapter pertains primarily to goods.
What would be the different steps or elements in a supply chain for a service? Give an .
How has technology impacted a firm's supply chain and the trend toward disintermediation?
What are the main differences between having a vendor's employees working in your
manufacturing operation and you hiring your own employees to do the same work?
Identify all of the steps in the supply chain for a hamburger that you buy at McDonald's.
How might this supply chain differ for a Mclronald's located in a developing country

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