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Most of us have probably never heard of Solectron, but almost all of us come in contact every day with the products it makes. Solectron Corporation n is one of a growing number of firms ~at are referred to as contract manufacturers. These  firms don’t manufacture. products under their wn brand name but, instead, produce brand name items such as printers and printer components for Hewlett Packard and computers and computer components for IBM. Solestron’s ability 10 playa critical role in  the supply, chain of these original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) is clearly demonstrated by its significant market share in a highly competitive industry. Solectron focuses on providing its outsourcing customers with significant competitive advantages in the form of access to advanced manufacturing technologies, reduced time-to-market, lower production costs, and more effective use of assets. Its continued commitment to excellence is evidenced by the fact that it is the only manufacturing firm to ever  in the pre tedious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award twice (in 1991 and again in 1997). Solectron plays a key role in the supply chain tor-these OEMs by providing a seamless relationship in dealing with these firms’ customers, For example, orders placed with the OEMs are usually transmitted directly to a Solectron plant to be filled. Once the product is made, it is then shipped directly to the customer with the OEM’s label. From the customer’s perspective,
they are dealing only with the OEM. Effective supply chain management with respect to its suppliers is also a contributing  factor to Solectron’s success. With 75 percent of its revenues going to purchase materials,components, and other items frcm its suppliers, it needs to have strong relationships with  suppliers who are very reliable.Source: Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award-Profiles of Aw-ard Recipients. (http.z/www.quajtyrrust.Jove

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