Shift from Time-Dependent to Non- Time-Dependent Transactions Operations Management Assignment Help

Shift from Time-Dependent to Non- Time-Dependent Transactions

There is a growing trend away from time-dependent service transactions toward non-time-dependent transactions. Time-dependent transactions are those transactions that require a service worker to be available at that exact time when the customer requests the service. Examples of time-dependent service transactions can include the waitress at a restaurant who is there to serve you when you are hungry, the reservations clerk at an airline call center who answers the telephone when you call to reserve a flight. the front-desk personnel who is on duty at the hotel when you check in. and your stockbroker who is available when you want to conduct a stock transaction. Non-time-dependent transactions do not require the presence
of the service worker at the exact moment when the cu toner requests service. Examples of non-time-dependent transactions include er nail. faxes. and voice messages. Time-dependent transactions often are referred to as synchronous transactions or communications while non-time-dependent transactions are referred to as asynchronous transactions
or communications.
There are several reasons for the shift towards non-time-dependent Tran action, , First. it is more economical from the firm's perspective, As stated above. with time-dependent transactions, service workers must always be available to conduct a customer transaction, To allow for uncertainty in customer demand as well as to minimize customer waiting time, extra workers must be on duty, which adds to the expense, With non-time-dependent activities, a company has greater flexibility in scheduling worker in a more efficient manner. as well as the ability to prioritize the transactions, Asynchronous transactions are usually more efficient from the cu toner  perspective too, For example. rather than trying to speak to someone in per on. and ping endless,rounds of "phone tag:' it is much more efficient to . end a single er nail. important point with asynchronous transactions is the need to have a service recovery process in place that assures personal contact when problems do occur, In addition. with the world quickly becoming a global villus or single  economy that is linked together electronically. a significant number of Tran action do n take pine during "regular business hours" (whatever that means these idly   Thus. a 'U toner in Australia who orders something through the Internet from a firm in England 'an place the order at any time. regardless of what time it is in England. and pressed at the beginning of the next business day, Non-rime-dependence emit firms to receive transactions on a 24 x 7 basis (2-1 hour then respond to these transactions efficiently during normal business  hours .

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