Review and Discussion Questions? Operations Management Assignment Help

Review and Discussion Questions?

I. Think of three examples of ways in which an organization has changed to become more competitive. What impact do you think these changes have on the employees of the organization?
2. Which of the eight managerial roles do you practice in your role as a student. .. in activities in which you participate …. in your job? Which of Cameron and Whitener’s 10 skills do you use in the e roles?

3. What problems might arise from empowering employees’) What are some of the hurdles that managers must overcome in empowering employees? What could the organization do to address these issues?

4. Would you prefer to work in a traditional work group or in a “elf-managed work team? Why?
5. This chapter mentioned some of benefits of and the difficulties in implementing cross functional and self-managed work teams. What other difficulties can you predict? What other benefits do you see?
6. Is there any inconsistency when a company requires precise time standards and at the time encourages job enlargement?
7. The study team from one American car manufacturer observed that the Japanese used techniques such as job rotation making workers responsible for quality control minimal work classifications and indirect employee participation in management. What gains can be made with this approach in contrast to the job specialization approach? If the Japanese approach were to be adopted in a specialized job environment. what changes would have ta take place far it ta be successfully implemented?

8. How is Technology affecting the workplace?


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