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Process Selection in Services

Types of Service Organizations

Service management issues exist in three broad organizational contexts:

  1. Service businesses are organizations whose primary business requires interaction with the-customer to produce the service. Familiar examples of service businesses include banks airlines hospitals law firms retail stores restaurants and so on. Within this category we can make a further major distinction facilities-based services where the customer must go to the service facility and field-based services where production and consumption of the service take place in the customer's environment e.g. cleaning and home repair services Technology has allowed for the transfer of many facility based services to field based services  Dental vans bring the dentist to your home. Some auto repair services have repair mobiles  Telemarketing brings the shopping center to your TV screen.
  2. Customer support services provide support to external customers who have already purchased the goods and or services of the company  Included here are 800-numbers for registering complaints and obtaining additional information on the firm's products  Product maintenance and repair services also fall into this category.
  3. Internal services are the services required to support the activities of the larger organization.
    These services include such functions as data processing  accounting  engineering  and maintenance  Their customers are the various departments within the organization that require such services It is not uncommon for an internal service to start marketing its services outside the parent organization and become a service business itself  The three general approaches to delivering on-site services are the production line approach made famous by McDonald's Corporation  the customer involvement approach made famous by ATMs and gas stations  and the personal attention approach made famous by Strongroom department stores.

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