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Process Selection in Manufacturing

Types of Processes

Manufacturing operations as shown in Exhibit 3.7 are categorized into three broad types of process structures each category depending to a large extent on the volume. of item(s) to be produced  These three categories are often referred to as project processes  intermittent processes  and line-flow processes  While we identify three discrete categories  we should emphasize that the different types of manufacturing processes that exist should be viewed as a continuum  and that anyone company may incorporate a combination of these processes in the manufacture of its products.

Project Process

A project oriented process usually involves the manufacture of a single  one of a kind product  Examples here include the production of a movie and thee erection of a skyscraper  Building a customized car to compete in the Indianapolis 500

Project Process

Project Process

race is another good example. The major strength of a project-type process is that it is totally flexible to meet the individual needs of the customer. Projects are usually analyzed using network-solving techniques like tho e presented in the supplement to this chapter. Variable costs in this category are comparatively very high. On the other hand fixed costs are negligible or even nonexistent In the extreme case  when there is truly only one product to build  all costs are expended and consequently there are no fixed costs  Highly skilled personnel are usually required for this type of process  as they often must work independently with minimal guidance and supervision. In addition  workers here need to be well trained in a variety of tasks.

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