Printing in a Fishbowl Operations Management Assignment Help

Printing in a Fishbowl

If working at the Kinko’s shops in New Orleans i like working in a fishbowl it  a two way fishbowl where the fish are always peering back at their audience. The crazy-quilt mix of customers provides endless entertainment and a fund of oddball stories to exchange over beers  sampling.

• One woman in listed that the manager throw away the ribbon on the elf-service typewriter he adjust used, fearing that someone might try to use it to recreate h r document. Another customer wanted several confidential page. typed, and asked, “Can you get me a typist who won’t read them.

• Some artists enjoy using the photocopiers for the oddest thing  One woman brings in stuffed dead birds for reproduction. Another brought in 1 box of pecans purported to from the backyard of a house where Tennessee Williams once lived..

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