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Part- Time Work and Job Sharing

A growing number of businesses offer part-time work to individuals who do not want to work on a full-time basis. (In some cases, this part-time working dictated by the nature of the business. There are many services, for example, in which the demand for the service is limited to only a few hours a day.) One of the advantages of employing part-time workers is that payroll taxes and benefits are usually significantly less than for full-time workers.On the other hand, many firms that rely heavily on a part-time workforce will provide these employees with full benefits as an incentive for attracting them and keeping them. Fedex. for example, provides full medical and insurance benefits to all of its part-time workers even though they may work only 20 hours a week. With job sharing, two or more individuals work together to perform the duties of a full time position. They often will share the same office (often referred to as hoteling) which reduces office expense for the firm in comparison to providing each with his or her own office. Job sharing is particularly attractive to individuals with small children or w ho have elderly parents that need care.

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