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Overall Operation

The objective in studying the overall production system is to identify non-value-added time delays, transport distances, processes and processing time requirements, with the goal of simplifying the entire operation. The primary objective here is to eliminate any step in the process that does not add value to the product. The approach is to develop a process flowchart then ask the question What is done? Must it be done? What would happen if it Were not done?

What is done? Must it be done? What would happen if it ere not done? Where is the task done? it be done at that location or could il be done somewhere else? When i the task done? Is it critical that it be done then or is there flexibility in time and sequence' Could it be done in combination with some other step in the process? How is the task done? Why is it done this way? Is there another way? Who docs the task? Can someone else do it? Should the worker be of a higher or skill level?

These types of questions usually help to eliminate much unnecessary work, as well as the remaining work. by combining a number of processing steps and changing the order of performance. of the process chart is valuable in studying an overall operation, though care must be taken to follow the same item throughout the process, The subject may be a product being manufactured. a service being provided, or a person performing a sequence of activities. An example of a process chart (and flow diagram) for a clerical operation is shown in Exhibit S 10.2. Common notation in process charting is given in Exhibit S 10.3.

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