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Operations Management in practice


The Foxboro Company's systems manufacturing operation which produces control systems for process industries such as refineries chemical plants and breweries has a customer Friend Program that directly links its customers to manufacturing. This program is offered free of charge-and provides each customer with a contact person or friend in manufacturing who is responsible for helping the customer resolve any and all product-and service-related problems. Since its inception- in 1992, more than 40 individuals from manufacturing have taken part in the Customer Friend Program involving more than 300 customer system both large and small The benefits of this program to manufacturing are to (a) identify more closely with the customer's needs (b) feel the customer's pain when a problem does occur (e) gains better under of how manufacturing can improve. its support to its customers and (d) obtain direct feedback from where the rubber meets the road  in terms of how manufacturing can improve its processes and products. The program benefits the customer by (a) identifying more closely the customer's needs (b) passing the pain directly to the source when a problem does occur (e) having a dedicated individual within manufacturing who has a personal commitment to customer satisfaction (d) having direct contact with manufacturing to analyze product fail rues and (e) ac ting as a conduit for new and improved ideas. Foxboro's customer Friend Program is proactive rather than reactive. Depending on the needs and desiderata the customer the Foxboro friend can his assigned customer every one to four weeks just to make everything is running smoothly. Many of these customer friend relationships are long standing Ray Web employ involvement manager at Foxboro's Systems manufacture Operation for example has had association with Er goo Source Special that Ray EEOC. System fracturing Operation Foxboro company.


degree of dependence among the value-added functions within the chain the relationship between the transformation process. its support function and the other value-added functions is shown in Exhibit  This integration of both supplier and customers into the transformation proces begin to blur the boundaries between what were what pear to be emerging a concept know the virtual enterprise with is new.approach it is often difficult to determine where one organization leaves off and the next one begins. As one example FedEx has several employees who work full time at the L.L. Bean Mail Order distribution Center in Free port aine.

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