New Product and Service Development, and Process Selection Operations Management Assignment Help

New Product and Service Development and Process Selection

Chapter Objectives

  • Illustrate the importance of the development of new products and
    services to a firm’s competitiveness.
  • Identify the various types of new products that are developed by
  • Introduce the new product design process and the concept of a
    product’s life cycle.
  • Demonstrate the necessity of concurrent product and process
    design as a new product or service is developed.
  • Present a framework for understanding how new services are
    developed and introduced into the marketplace.


Venus Gillette’s new women’s wet shaving razor was introduced into the marketplace in March 2001 and within six months it had captured more than 45 percent of the women’s wet razor market The new Venus “shaving system 4 features many innovative characteristics that Gillette hopes will redefine women’s shaving Venus’s development took advantage of more than 50 separate Gillette patents including previous research efforts in developing men’s razors notably MACH3 and Sensor In addition, there were new characteristics that were unique to Venus Venus’s design which consists of three progressively aligned blades provides a much closer and smoother shave than does the conventional twin blade razor Other special features of the Venus include (a) soft cushions that help smooth the skin prior to the razor cutting the have(b) indicator strips that show the user when t~e lubricant is used up (c) a long sleek handle that allows for an easier grip and (d) a razor storage system that is designed to hang in the shower or bathtub.

Although Gillette used some of its existing processes to manufacture Venus  it also in vested more than $300 million additional in research and development as well as manufacturing. Another key factor that contributed to Venus’s success was the ability of Gillette to team up with several of its suppliers to design and produce an exceptional package for displaying
the Venus in retail outlets.

Over the years Gillette has consistently demonstrated an ability to bring new products to market. thereby capturing and/or maintaining ‘a significant market share within its industry. It accomplishes this by carefully coordinating and integrating product and process research and development manufacturing and its suppliers. The end result is the continuous successful introduction of new products in a timely and cost efficient manner. Gillette projects that its sales of female shaving products in total will reach $1 billion driven in large part by Venus.

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