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Managerial Issues

As we have seen earlier in the book, there are many ways in which businesses compete in the marketplace, as they constantly look for new ways in which to distinguish themselves from their competition. However, as,we also have seen, all too often many of these activeness are short lived, as they are easily duplicated by the competition within a short period of time. One area. which appears to provide firms with a sub attract, motivate, mobile facilitate attract, motivate, and retain highly skilled workers.

Firms that are able to accomplish this successfully on a consistent long-term basis, such as General Electric under Jack Welch, Southwest Airlines under Herb Kelleher, and Fedex under Fred Smith, also have achieved enviable long-term financial success, and this is not coincidental. The management team in each of these firms knows the value and contribution of their workers and therefore continuously  motivating, and retaining them.

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