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Job Enlargement’and Job Enrichment

Job enlargement generally entails making adjustments to a specialized job to make it more interesting to the job holder. A job i said to be enlarged horizontally if the worker performs a greater number or variety of tasks and it is said to be enlarged vertically if the worker is involved in planning, organizing and inspecting’ his or her own work. Horizontal job enlargement is intended to counteract oversimplification and to permit the worker to perform a “whole unit of work:’ Vertical Advantages of Specialization.

To Management:
1. Rapid training of the workforce
2. Ease in recruiting new workers
3. High output due to simple and repetitive work
4. Low wages due to ease of sustainability of labor
5. Close control over workflow and workloads

To Labor:
1. Little or no education required to obtain work
2. Ease in learning job

Enlargement (traditionally termed job enrichment) attempts. to broaden the workers’ influence in the transformation process by giving them certain managerial powers over their own activities. Today, the common practice is to apply both horizontal and vertical enlargement to a given job and refer to the total approach as  job enrichment.