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Job Design

Central to an organization’s ability to effectively manage its human resources especially from an operations perspective is the proper design of jobs in the organization Without a proper job design that can support new styles of management, empowered employees and teamwork these innovative approaches to transform the workplace and increase organizational competitiveness are likely to fail.In this section. we explore several issues with respect to job design and present some guidelines for carrying out the job design function. We begin by noting some trends in job design some of which were mentioned earlier:

1. Quality as part of the worker’s job. Now often referred to as “quality at the source” improved quality is linked with the concept of worker empowerment. Empowerment used in this context. refers to workers being given authority to stop a production line when there is a quality problem or to give a customer an on-the-spot refund if service is not satisfactory .

2.Cross-training workers to perform multi skilled jobs. This i seen more often in the factory than in the office despite pressures on the clerical workforce as described in the next OM in Practice on The new World of Work. Indeed. hank check processing centers and the majority of high-volume clerical jobs are far more factory like than those in many factories.