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JIT Logic

JIT (just-in-time) is an integrated et of activities designed to achieve high-volume production using minimal inventories of raw materials. work in prices. and finished goods. Parts arrive at a subsequent workstation “just in time” are completed and move through the operation quickly. Just-in-time is also based on the logic that nothing will be produced until it is needed. Exhibit 14.1  this process s. Need is created by the product being pulled toward the user. When an item is sold. in theory. the market pulls a replacement from the last position in the system-final assembly in this case. This trigger an order to  he factory production line where a worker then pulls another unit from an upstream station in the flow to replace the unit taken. This upstream station then pulls from the next station further upstream and so on back to the release of the raw materials and components needed to make the product. To enable this pull process to work smoothly. JIT demands high levels of quality at each stage of the process. strong vendor relation , and a fairly predictable demand for the end product. JIT can be viewed colloquially as “big HI” and “little  (often termed Jean production I) is the philosophy of operations management that seeks to eliminate  waste in all aspects of a firm’ s production activities: human relations. supplier relations. technology, and the management of materials and inventories, Little HT focuses more narrow Iy on scheduling good inventories and providing service resources where and when needed. For example, companies such as Manpower Temporary  services and Pizza Hut essentially use  signals to fill orders for replacement workers or Sicilian pizzas, respectively. However, they do not integrate operations around other aspects of the J IT philosophy.

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