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An Internet network has the fewest. if any. restrictions in terms of v.ho has acess to it. Firms use the Internet primarily when dealing with the general public. For those firms that sell directly to consumer such as (books. etc.) and (dis counted airline tickets. hotel rooms, etc.). the Internet i~ the communication network that connects customer to these firms’ web sites to purchase goods and services. The Internet all 0 provides access to websites that provide general information about a firm. This type of website also can be used to disseminate news releases, provide contacts within the firm, and issue directions about how to obtain additional information about the firm. In addition, the Internet also allows firms to offer customers richer information and after-sales support with the goal of building customer loyalty.

An intranet is a network that operates only internally within an organization . As such, only those individuals who work within the organization have access to its intranet. Quite often the intranet is used to communicate among employees and as means for management to disseminate information quickly. For example, both Wall Mart and FedEx have intranets that provide employees at all locations with up-to-date information on new procedures, changes in company policies, performance measurements, and recognition of outstanding employees. The FedEx intranet even includes its own television station that broadcasts company-related news 24 hours a day. \

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