Intermittent Process Operations Management Assignment Help

Intermittent Process

As shown in Exhibit  intermittent-type processes can be further subdivided into job shop and batch processes  define a job shop as a process where specific quantity of a product is produced only once  Numbered prints from a painting programs for concerts and T shirts commemorating specific event are good examples of' products made in a job shop process A batch process produces the same item again and again. usually in specified lt sizes  McDonald's is a good example of a batch process here hamburger  are cooked through the day in lot sizes of  The manufacture of shoes iodide  other example of a ch process  Here a batch consists of one size and style of hops are a combination of job shop  Variable costs are still relatively high with intermittent processes although they are usually lower than those of a project type process  However  higher fixed costs are incurred with these processes  Similarly  worker skills remain high  though some what less than those required for projects.

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