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Increase in Self-Service

Many service industries have seen an increase in self service
operation . Examples include self-service gas stations. ATM  at bank. and automated toll collections on highways. Self-service also is used extensively in e-businesses, ranging from the purchasing of sweaters from L.L. Bean and airline tickets from American Airlines to the purchase of stocks and bonds through Fidelity and conducting online checkbook transactions with your bank.

As another example of how technology increases opportunities for elf-service. many supermarket and drug store chain. have in tailed self- er ice checkout lanes, (See Operations Management ill Practice box.) with this new equipment. customers scan their own purchases. bag them. and then pay by either cash or credit card. In this case. labor situation completely eliminated. as an individual must be assigned to every three or four automated lanes to assist shopper as the situation requires The primer reason for the increase in self-service i that it reduces labor costs. With
automated self service equipment gas station attendants are no longer needed to pump gas.