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Idea Generation

The NPD process begins with an idea for a new product which can come from one of several sources. Most often it comes from marketing which developed the idea through its interaction with customers and is often referred to as the voice of the customer  When a new product is identified in this manner  it is often called market pull  which refers to the primary force driving its development. In other words the customer's identified need for the product in the market i  pulling  it from the firm. The other major method for generating new products is called technology push  In this case  the customers are not even aware of the need for the product  rather it is developed by the company's R&D function and pushed through the company to the marketplace. Polaroid cameras and 3M's Post-it notes provide good examples of new products that were the result of technology push. It is important to note that products  resulting from technology push also must have a market need in order for them to be successful. (Polaroid's instant movie system provides a good example of a technology push product for which there was no demand.) At the same time while technology push products tend to be less common than market pull products  most breakthrough and radical products are the result of technology push.