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Group Technology (Cellular) Layout

A group technology (or cellular) layout allocates dissimilar machines into cells to work on products that have similar weights shapes. and processing requirements. Group technology (GT) layouts are now widely used in metal fabricating computer chip manufacture and assembly work The overall objective is to gain the benefits of product layout in job shop
kinds of production. These benefits include I Better human relations. Cells consist of a few worker who form a small work team:
a team turns out complete units of work.
2. Improved operator expertise. Workers see only a limited numb r of different part III
a finite production cycle, so repetition means quick learning.
3. Less work-in-process inventory and materia/ hundlin-i. A.cell combines several
production stages, so fewer parts travel through the shop.
4. Faster production setup. Fewer jobs mean reduced tooling and hence faster tooling

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