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Genichi Taguchi

Genichi Taguchi has contributed importantly to both the refinement of quality ran emergent philosophy and the development of quality tools. Taguchi takes an engineering' ran eh to design quality, focusing on the design of experiments to improve both the ~Mendelian per performance quality of products. He emphasizes the minimization of variation. which all 0 the cornerstone of his philosophical approach. While Juran Erna sized the 0 t of quality to the firm, Taguchi is also concerned with the cost of quality to society a hole. He take Juran's concept of external failure much further, including not only the c st to the firm that ships the defective product, but also the cost to the firm that it. the customer that buys and uses it, and so on, His dual engineering-phi lo philosophical per e five how how much is lost when products fail to meet specification which up the take" for managers
concerned with the quality of their products and service .

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