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Functional strategies

Functional strategies (for example operations marketing human resources) are developed to support or align with the established business strategy A company or Sbjct  competitiveness refers to it relative position in the marketplace in terms of how it competes with the other firms in it industry Operations strategy refers to how the operations management function contribute to a firm ability to achieve its competitive advantage in that marketplace Operation strategy can be divided into two major categories structural elements  of facility location capacity vertical integration and choice of process (all of which are con derided to be long term or strategic in nature) and infrastructural elements  of the workforce in terms of size and skill equalizes planning and control and organizational structure (all of which are often viewed as tactical because they can be changed in a relatively short time) Operations strategies are developed from the competitive priorities of an organization which include (a) low cost (b) high quality (e) fast delivery (d) flexibility and (e) service Core capabilities are the means by which competitive priorities.

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