Facility Decisions: Layouts

Predetermined Motion-Time Data

Predetermined Motion-Time Data As with elemental standard-time data. predetermined motion-time data tables create a time standard for a job or task. There are. however, significant differences between the two approaches. Whereas the elemental standard-time data tables provide times for job-specific work elements. the predetermined motion-time data tables provide times for basic motions such as a …

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Problems 3

Problems  I. An assembly line makes two models of trucks a Buster and a Duster Busters take 12 minutes each and Dusters take 8 minutes each. The daily output requirement is 24 of each per day. Develop a balanced mixed-model sequence to satisfy demand . 2. The tasks and the order in which they must be performed …

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Problem 2

Problem 2 The following tasks mu t be performed on an assembly line in the sequence and time specified . a. Draw the schematic diagram. b. What is the theoretical minimum number of stations required to meet a fore cased , demand of 400 units per eight-hour day? c. Use the longest-operating-time rule and balance the line …

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Internet Exercise

Internet Exercise Using PLANT and LAYOUT as suggested key words search the Web to identify and describe in detail the plant layout for an individual company. As an alternative, go to the McGraw-Hill Operations Management homepage at http.z/www.mhhe.com/pom and take a plant tour of a company and describe the physical layout or the operation.