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Extra Cash

The team also have economic incentives for providing  good service. A bonus plan tied to each team cost and profit can produce extra cash. The employees, most of whom are young college graduate can add $ I ,500 a year to average salaries of 528.000. and pay rise as employees learn new skill. It’s a phenomenal learning opportunity says, 24 year old team member Michael LoCastro. But LoCastro and other complain that promotions are rare because there are few managerial positions.

And everyone comes under intense pressure from co-workers to producer. The annual turnover rate is high: Some 20 percent of ATTCC employees either quit or transfer to other parts of AT&T. Still the team experiment has been so successful that ATTCC is involving employees in planning to extend the concept throughout the company. They will probably come up with as good an organizational design as management could Wajnert say and it will work a lot better because the employees will take ownership for it.

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