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Expectations and Perceptions

Another approach that is used to define quality in services is to measure how satisfied the customer is with the service received. Customers' satisfaction with service is related to both their prior expectations about the service and their perception of how well the service was provided. Customers develop a certain set of expectations based on a variety of inputs. They consider their previous experiences with services in general and with each specific kind of service they have encountered. For example customers might have specific expectations about service in a retail clothing store that provides a basis for what they should expect when they speak with an employee on the phone-as well as when they are served in another retail clothing store. Customers also develop expectations when they hear about sh vices from others. If you hear that your friend was delighted with her stay at a particular hotel, you're more likely to expect a similar level of rive if you ray there. Customers also form expectations based on a service provider's divert  and promotion. Promises of positive service bring in customers-but a in' enough. Cu toners will be satisfied only if the service meets or exceeds their expectations. And the e performance is colored by the customer's perceptions of the quality of service. 0 that the relationship between expectations, service performance, and the petitioner of that performances can be decried in the following equation .

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