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Expanded Managerial Skill Set

All of these changes, along with other issues such as the increasing pressures generated by worldwide competition and or the need to respond to new environmental regulations. mean that managers must now have a wider range of kills and be adept at playing a variety of organizational roles. In a study of 402 highly effective manager. Kim Whetten and David Cameron identified 10 skills that were mo t frequently cited as being critical to managerial effectiveness’

I. Being able to communicate verbally (including the ability to listen).
2. Managing time and stress.
3. Managing individual decisions.
4. Recognizing, defining, and solving problems.
5. Motivating and influencing others.
6. Delegating.
7. Setting goals and articulating a vi ion.
8. Being self-aware.
9. Being able to build teams.
10. Managing conflict.

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