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Designing a New Service Organization

Designing a service organization entails the execution of four elements of what James Diskette refers to as the “Service Vision.T’ The first element is identification of the target market Who is our customer  the second is the service concept  How do we differentiate our service in the market  the third is the service strategy What is our service package and the operating focus of our service and the fourth is the service delivery system What are the actual processes  staff requirements  and facilities by which the service is created  Choosing a target market and developing the service package are top management decisions which then set the stage for the direct operating decisions of service strategy and delivery system design. Several major factors distinguish service design and development from typical manufactured product development. First the process and the product must be developed simultaneously indeed. in services the process is the product We make this statement with the general recognition that many manufacturers are using such concepts as concurrent engineering and DFM [design for manufacture] as approaches to more closely link. product design and process design.

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