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Defining Quality

For many years following World War 11.quality was viewed primarily and fen five function rather than as a competitive weapon for use in developing new mark t. and increasing mark sheet share. In this role. the on quality control (QC) reducing the number of customer complain  A a re ult, there was a heavy reliance on inspection ( orating the good from the bad rather than on prevention. Identifying defective output and either  ping of it (scrap) incurred costs. It was therefore believed that hie er quality mu t be more costly. Quality control managers often reported to manufacturing managers. who were measured primarily on output; consequently they had line or no power to either halt production or delay the shipment of faulty products. Today, however, more and more companies are recognizing that quality can be defined in many ways. With the realization that quality has many dimensions. firms are now able to not only identify new market niches, but also increase their market share in existing ones..

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