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Customer Training

Customers also frequently are required to undergo some degree of
training when a new technology interacts directly with them. Depending on the type of technology and the level of sophistication required to use it, customer training can vary from a simple pamphlet describing how to use the new technology to attending classes that carefully  document the proper use of the technology. Technology plays a significant role in the successful operation of is very organization. With the constant introduction of new state-of-the-art technologies, this trend will most likely . continue into the foreseeable future. However, operations managers must realize that the' adoption of technology is not a simple undertaking and therefore must be carefully planned In the past, many firms looked to technology primarily to help them increase productivity. However, there are several additional reasons companies elect to incorporate new technologies into their processes, such as building a stronger relationship with their customers and improving their overall performance by providing better customer service. Finally, the installation of new technology ~st be accompanied with the proper technical support. In addition, sufficient time must be. allocated in the initial start-up phase to provide proper training to both workers and, where necessary, also customers. When deciding to purchase new technology, the service manager must ensure that there is compatibility between the desired technology and the over along - ten goals of the firm.

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