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Customer Support

This type of e-service provides customer support services in a wide variety of forms. At Fed Ex. for example, customers are able to track the location of their packages through the Internet. Customer support also can take the form of chat rooms, which provide a forum for customers. or a web page that addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs). Many firms combine their -e-service customer support activities with their call center activities. With proper design. such operations can provide fast service and be
highly efficient at the same time. . As with e-tailers, there are some firms that focus solely on providing customer support, often under contract to other firms, while other customer support activities can be part of
the overall organization. A major challenge for these types of services is to persuade customers, in a positive manner, to switch from requesting customer support through call centers, which are time- dependent and involev~ interacting with an actual person, to Internet activities. which are
non-time-dependent and are therefore more efficient.

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