Converting Worker Requirements into Daily Work Schedules Operations Management Assignment Help

Converting Worker Requirements into Daily Work Schedules

The next step in
the scheduling process is the conversion of  order requirement for each time interval into a daily work or shift schedule, The basic goal here is to schedule a sufficient number of workers in a given time period to meet the expected demand at the target service level. However, there are usually add.iional factor, that also need to be included. such as (a) the minimum length of a shift that might be pre-scribed by a union contract (for example. when workers are called into UPSare guaranteed by their union contract a minimum of three hours’ work). (b) the max annum shift length permitted b~ state or local labor laws, and (e) the company'< policies about rest and meal breaks. These factors can significantly affect how efficiently the organization can meet the target service level. These minimum shift  constraints often result in a worker schedule .here the total number of labor hours needed to meet the minimum shift   than the actual number of labor hours required to satisfy customer demand,  In developing these schedules. many organization: use part-time rather than full-time workers to effectively meet cut  while simultaneously controlling co, L. Since part-time workers typically, are paid le-. and also now) be entitled to fewer tour even nOI fringe benefits, the average house co, t of  worker i-, lower than th.,t of the fulltime  order. Part-time  orders In be used ~ meet demand at peak periods (such a, meal times in restaurants) or during end  order-, would prefer not to work.

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