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Most readers of this book will encounter questions of work methods and measurement in the service sector. It appears that in services, as well as in manufacturing, the new performance metric will be speed, achieved through improved work methods and teamwork, Service- Master, for example, has been able to dominate the institutional custodial business (hospitals, schools, and offices) by applying fast cleaning methods to such basic tasks as mopping floors and washing windows. (Rather than using cumbersome ladders to wash windows, they employ specially designed, lightweight, long-handled squeegee using easy-to-remove velcro-backed washable cleaning cloths. Between uses, the clothes are soaked in fluids developed in ServiceMaster's laboratory.) Southwest Airlines uses teamwork (involving its
ground crew, baggage handlers, and flight attendants) to achieve a 15-minute turnaround of its flights. (See the OM in Practice on Anatomy of a 15 minute Turnaround.) Interestingly enough, these examples epitomize some of the fundamental ideas that Fredrick W. Taylor introduced almost a century ago.

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