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Today's managers face increased pressure to improve performance within their organizations Conclusion. This has come about for several reasons, including the growth in international com. petition and the need to excel simultaneously in a wide variety of areas. In order to produce more output with a smaller workforce, managers are now turning to their employees for ideas on how to improve worker productivity and performance. Much of the improvements in this area are the result of work teams that have been rapidly fermenting in many of the better companies. However changes in management style are required for the successful implementation of these teams, The human resource issues. in terms of how we manage our workforce and the technical issues in term of how we specifically design jobs are both critical elements in the success of a company. Many management gurus today in fact suggest that a firm's employees are the only sustainable competitive advantage. In the end it takes people to run a business. Regardless of the amount of automation  adoption of the right strategy and so forth  a company cannot function properly without highly motivated workers who have been properly'trained in both interpersonal skills and the technical aspects of their respective jobs.

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