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Work Sampling

Work Sampling Whereas work measurement is concerned with how long it takes to perform a specific task or activity, work sampling is primarily concerned with how workers spend their time among several tasks or activities. For example. we may want to know how much time workers spend on indirect activities such as material handling to determine whether or not more cost-efficient material handling equipment should be p

Elemental Standard Time Data

Elemental Standard Time Data .Elemental standard-time data are obtained from previous time studies and codified in tables in a handbook or in a computer data bank. Such data are used to develop time standards for new jobs or to make time adjustments to reflect changes in existing jobs. They are more correctly viewed as normal-time data, because tabled values have been modified by an average performance rating, and

Time Study

Time Study A time study is generally conducted with a stopwatch, either on the job site or by analyzing a videotape of the job. Procedural, the job or task to be studied is separated into measurable parts or elements, and each element is timed individually. After a number of repetitions. the collected times are averaged. (The standard deviation may be computed to give a measure of variance in the performance times.

Work Measurement

Work Measurement The subject of work measurement for establishing time standards has been controversial line the days of Taylor. With the widespread adoption of Deming’s ideas, it has become the subject of renewed criticism. (Deming argued that work standards and quotas inhibit process improvement, focusing all of the worker efforts on speed rather than quality.) Nevertheless. all organizations need some fo

Workers Interacting with Other Workers

Workers Interacting with Other Workers Increasingly, work in both manufacturing and services is being performed by teams. The degree of interaction may be as simple as one operator hading a another, or a complex as a cardiovascular surgical team consisting or doctor. nurse. an anesthesiologist. the operator of the artificial heart machine. an X-ray technician, standby blood donors. and the pathologist (anJ perhaps

Worker lnteracting with Equipment

Worker interacting with Equipment When a person and equipment operate together to perform a given set of tasks, interest focuses on the efficient use of both the person' time and the equipment's time. When the working time of the operator is less than the equipment run time. a worker-machine chart is a useful device in analysis. If the operator can operate several pieces of equipment. the problem is to find the mos

Worker at a Fixed Workplace

Worker at a Fixed Workplace There are many jobs that require workers to remain at a specified workstation in order to complete their assigned tasks, This applies to both manufacturing and services. When the nature of the work is primarily manual (such as sorting, inspecting, making entries, or assembly operations l. the focus of work design is on simplifying the work method and making the required operator motions

Overall Operation

Overall Operation The objective in studying the overall production system is to identify non-value-added time delays, transport distances, processes and processing time requirements, with the goal of simplifying the entire operation. The primary objective here is to eliminate any step in the process that does not add value to the product. The approach is to develop a process flowchart then ask the question What

Work Performance Measurement

Supplement Objectives • Introduce the more common types of work methods that are practiced in the workplace. • Understand the fundamental issues involved in developing work measurements. • Identify the basic elements associated with conducting a time study. • Determine how to design a work sampling study and apply it to .an actual operation. Work needs to be properly designed and measured, regardless of the