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How Technology Can Provide Faster Service

How Technology Can Provide Faster Service As shown in the beginning of this chapter, the appropriate use of technology can reduce and. in many cases, totally eliminate customer waiting time. Automated teller machines (A'I'Ms)  now provide bank customers with 7 x 24-hour service. eliminating th need for customers to wait until the bank opens in the morning. Customers with personal computers can access their accou


MBNA IS TRULY A SPEED FREAK MBNA, the Wilmington, Delaware, credit card company, has developed a very loyal customer base due, in large part, to its ability to provide outstanding service. To accomplish  this, MBNA has developed 15 different measures of performance, many of which pertain directly to speed. Fo  example, customer address changes must be processed within one day; telephones must be answered' with

A Focus on Providing Fast Service

A Focus on Providing Fast Service As the OM in Practice box about MBNA clearly illustrates, leading-edge companies now focus on providing ever-better and ever-faster service to their customers. From an operations perspective. this can be accomplished in several ways, all of which center around good system design concepts. Service System Design Concepts Early service system design theory advocated the splitting

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction with Waiting

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction with Waiting satisfaction with waiting rather than the actual waiting time itself. Maister" presented an  iitial framework for focusing on customer satisfaction with waiting, identifying many of  the factors that can affect satisfaction. To further assist the service manager. these factors can be classified into three categories: (a) firm-related factors, (b) customer-relat

Defining .Customer Satisfaction

Defining .Customer Satisfaction The customers direct" involvement in the service delivery system suggests a need to integrate both marketing and operations perspectives into the service system's design and evaluation. A marketing-related measure of customer reaction to waiting time would more clearly indicate the true customer waiting costs instead of just the actual waiting time itself, Customer satisfaction a

Operation Management In Practice

TIME IS MONEY AT DISNEY'S THEME PARKS Everyone goes 0 Disney theme parks, p-everyone has to wait in lines. (Vlei. almost everyone.) And most people hate to wait in these lines.  Now some people have ways to avoid these lines.Disney's policy is that everyone is a VIP, but the reality is  that some are more VIP than others.For an additional cost of $50-$60 per ticket, you can buy a theme park VIP tour. This wil

The Importance of Good Service

The Importance of Good Service As stated previously in Chapter 2, those companies in both manufacturing and service operations that provide outstanding service-to their customers can achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace in todays highly competitive environment. And good service begins when the customer first comes in contact with an organization and waits in some  type of line or queue prior to b

Managerial Issue

Managerial Issue Customer waiting lines are a fact of life that every service manager must address. Even with manufacturing companies, as technoloqy in the form of the Internet brings customer  closer to the factory, customer waiting issues take on increasing importance with respect t'( product .delivery  and subsequent customer service support. Dell computer provides a good example of this. Waiting lines occu

Waiting Line Management

Waiting Line Management You drive your car into the Hertz rental lot at the West Palm Beach, Florida, airport. As you begin to remove your luggage from the car, a service attendant greets you and asks for a copy of your rental car contract. The attendant quickly enters the contract number into a -and-held terminal,.which prints a receipt before you have removed all of your luggage. Without ado, yo

Waiting Line Management

Waiting Line Management Chapter Objectives • Emphasize the importance of providing fast service as a competitive advantage to companies. • Show the relationship between customer expectations, customer perceptions, and customer satisfaction as they       pertain to waiting time. • Identify the various factors that can affect customer satisfaction with waiting time and provide a framework for showing ma