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Key Steps in Benchmarking

Key Steps in Benchmarking Robert Camp, based on his experience with Xerox Corporation, has identified five phases that are necessary to successfully implement benchmarking within an organization: planning, analysis, integration, action, and maturity.

Performance Measures

Performance Measures. The end result of benchmarking goods. services, and processes is to establish and validate objectives for the key performance measures that have been identified as critical to the success of the organization.

Business Processes ..

Business Processes .. Benchmarking in this area provides the basis for business process improvement and reengineering. These changes should be an integral part of the continuous quality improvement initiative.

Goods and Services

Goods and Services Benchmarking identifies the features and functions of the goods and services that are desired by the firm's customers. This information is incorporated into product planning, design. and development in the form of product goals and technology design practices design practices.

What Should We Benchmark

What Should We Benchmark Benchmarking can be applied to many areas within an organization) Robert Camp identifies three of the~e: (a) goods and services, (b) business processes, and (c) performance measures.

Operations Management In Practice

Operations Management In Practice. Process management at FedEx is viewed as a systematic examination of how the actual work of operating a business gets done. This approach, which cuts across divisional, functional, and departmental lines, entails collaborative investigation, anal) sis, and then refinement of the basic processes, activities, and tasks by' which a business operates. The five core business pro


Benchmarking. Benchmarking is simply a comparison of a company's performance in certain areas with that of other firms in its industry and/or with those firms that are identified as world-class competitors in specific functions and operations. Benchmarking can cut across traditional industry lines, providing opportunities for new and innovative ways to increase performance. For example, Xerox, in its desire to

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis The analysis of business processes uses basically the same methodology that i. described earlier in this chapter with respect to process. analysis . In addition, however. a noted above, business process analysis recognizes that the business process being analyzed is dependent on the outputs If other business processes (or processe: ) and similarly. other  business processes (or process

Business Processes

Business Processes  In other words, business processes cut across "the white spaces" in an organiznational  chart linking the various functional areas to accomplish a common task or goal. Exhibit 5.10 identifies some of the more common business processe and the respective functional area that they link.

Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting. As with manufacturing process analysis. the standard tool for service process analysis Is the flowchart, In 1978, Lynn Shot stack added to the standard process film chart concept of the line of visibility and emphasized the identification of potential fail point in her  version Service Blueprinting Service Blueprinting