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Just inTime Systems

Just inTime Systems The 100 Yen Sushi House is no ordinary sushi restaurant. It is  he ultimate showcase of Japanese productivity. The house features an ellipsoid-shaped serving area in the middle of t e room, where three or four cooks were busily0 preparing sushi. Perhaps 30 stools surrounded the serving area. As we took our ~eats at the counters, I noticed something special. There  was a conveyor belt goi

Just inTime Systems

Chapter Objectives • Introduce the underlying concepts of just-in-time (JIT) and the Japanese approach to improving productivity. • Identify the differences between Japanese companies and U.S. firms with respect to implementing JIT, and explore why these differences exist. • Illustrate how many JIT concepts have been implemented in services. • Identify the various elements that need to be included to

No Mock-Up

No Mock-Up After everyone on the team gave their thumbs-up, the data for the parts were electronically transferred directly into computer-aided manufacturing systems at the various suppliers. The NCR designers were so confident everything would work as intended that they didn’t bother making a mock-up DFM can be a powerful weapon against foreign competition. Several years ago, IBM used Brotherhood Hurst&