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Part Time Work and Job Sharing

Part- Time Work and Job Sharing A growing number of businesses offer part-time work to individuals who do not want to work on a full-time basis. (In some cases, this part-time working dictated by the nature of the business. There are many services, for example, in which the demand for the service is limited to only a few hours a day.) One of the advantages of employing part-time workers is that payroll taxes an

Increase in Flexible Work Hours

Increase in Flexible Work Hours Many companies today offer employees flexible work schedules, which are considered a benefit. This is especially important to single parents with young children. With flexible work hours, an employee can report to work any time between 7:00 and 9:00 am, for example, and leave eight hours later. In Germany, flexible work hours mean that an employee can work up to 70 hours a week (w

Increased Diversity in Workforce Demographics

Increased Diversity in Workforce Demographics Today's workforce is more diverse than ever before. In the United States, for example, the two-income family is almost a necessity. with the result that  ore women are entering the workforce. The liberal immigration policies of the United States also have contributed to this increase in diversity in the workplace. As another illustration, workers within the European

Emerging Trends in the Workplace

Emerging Trends in the Workplace There are several trends emerging today with respect to the workplace, and it is anticipated that these will continue into the foreseeable future. These trends include the external environment, from the changing demographics of the workforce to the impact of technology.

Expanded Managerial Skill Set

Expanded Managerial Skill Set All of these changes, along with other issues such as the increasing pressures generated by worldwide competition and or the need to respond to new environmental regulations. mean that managers must now have a wider range of kills and be adept at playing a variety of organizational roles. In a study of 402 highly effective manager. Kim Whetten and David Cameron identified 10 skills

Operations Managements In Practice

EMPLOYEE SUGGESTIONS PAY OFF AT DANA CORPORATION The Dana Corporation is a multibillion dollar conglomerate that produces truck and car parts a,nd components for both automobile manufacturers and the after-purchase market. Its subsidiary, Dana Commercial Credit Corp which provides leasing and financial services, won the 1996 Malcolm bridge National Quality Award. The employees of Dana Corp. submitted a tota

The New Managerial Role

The New Managerial Role Managers in today’s organizations face a rapidly changing and often unpredictable environment. Large-scale corporate restructuring and layoffs (or “downsizing”) caused in part by mergers and acquisitions mean that today’s managers must identify new and innovative ways to produce more with fewer workers and fewer organizational layers. Attempts to create more profi

Managerial Issus

Managerial Issues As we have seen earlier in the book, there are many ways in which businesses compete in the marketplace, as they constantly look for new ways in which to distinguish themselves from their competition. However, as,we also have seen, all too often many of these activeness are short lived, as they are easily duplicated by the competition within a short period of time. One area. which appears


AT SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, THE CUSTOMER ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT THE EMPLOYEE IS It may be hard for some people to believe, but the employees at Southwest Airlines (SWA) actually have fun at work. They hug and kiss each other as if they are part of one big happy family, which in fact they are, onlY in this case that "family" happens to be a corporation named Southwest Airlines. At the meantime, they are a group of har

Human Resource Issues in Operations Management

Human Resource Issues in Operations Management Chapter Objectives • Describe the changing role of the manager from one of command and control to that of being a team leader and coach, and the additional skills required.  • Identify the emerging trends that are dramatically changing the ways in which people work. • Define the concept of employee empowerment and show how it impacts management and the org