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Operations Management in Parctice

Operation Management in practice Concept Development Once a new product idea has been generated  it needs to be further developed and tested This includes an initial design of the product  which is conducted by R&D  along with a detailed analysis of the market and the customers  requirements  which is conducted by marketing . Businesses today recognize the need to involve their customers in all aspects

Job Design

Job Design Job design may be defined as the specification of the work activities for an individual or group within an organizational setting. Its objective i to develop work assignments that meet the requirements of the organization and the technology, and that satisfy the personal and individual requirements of the jobholder. The term job (in the context of non supervisory work) and the activities involved in


THE NEW WORLD OF WORK • London firms are now sending typing to Taipei. To survive  London typists must realize they are competing with Taipei typists. They must learn to “add value” (e.g., know more software programs or more languages than their Taiwanese counterparts) or else they’d better learn to love pounding the pavement. • The FI Group one of Britain’s largest software syst

Job Design

Job Design Central to an organization’s ability to effectively manage its human resources especially from an operations perspective is the proper design of jobs in the organization Without a proper job design that can support new styles of management, empowered employees and teamwork these innovative approaches to transform the workplace and increase organizational competitiveness are likely to fail.In th

The Hiring Process

The Hiring Process The first step in reducing employee turnover is to have an effective hiring process that screens out those individuals that do not have the required characteristics and skills that are necessary for them to succeed. For example: IS staled above. in the hotel industry which is notorious for having employee turnover average more than 100 percent annually  both the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seas

Termination Costs

Termination Costs In addition to the costs associated with the exiting process such as conducting exit interviews and changing employee personnel records and pay roll status there is also unemployment insurance Those firms with high employee turnover tend to have higher unemployment insurance rates particularly when workers are laid off due to a lack of work (As noted in the opening vignette, Southwest Airlines

Hiring Costs

Hiring Costs The cost of hiring new employees includes advertising cost. interview, and testing time Recruitment cost also include travel expense related to hiring will employees are also significantly less productive during their first few  mouth on the job.A new employee must learn the new  systems and procedures and this takes time. For example exempt employees on average are only 75  percent productive duri

Loss of Output

Loss of Output When an employee leaves and the position is not filled immediately, the firm loses that worker’s output while the position remains vacant. In a strong economy with low unemployment. as occurred in the united States during the late I 990s. this la~ time can be considerable. For example, if a firm averages $ 3O,OOO in annual sales per employee then a position that remains unfilled for three m

Loss of Knowledge

Loss of Knowledge When employees leave  a firm they take with them know ledge that they learned over the years  this can include know ledge that they of internal systems and processes well as knowledge of customers. Also included here is the know ledge of the organization’s culture and relationships with other employees. which facilitates completing work in an efficient and effective manner.

opretional management in Practices

RITZ-CARLTON HOTELS TREATS ITS EMPLOYEES LIKE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN The Pitz-Carlton Hotels is the only two-time recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category (1992 and 1999), and attributes much of its success to its employees, most of whom come in daily contact with the hotel’s guests. The motto of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, as noted above  is ”We are La