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Extra Cash

Extra Cash Questions 1. Besides few opportunities for promotion and intense peer pressure, what other factors might contribute to the high employee turnover rate? 2. What would you do to reduce the employee turnover rate at ATICC?

Extra Cash

Extra Cash The team also have economic incentives for providing  good service. A bonus plan tied to each team cost and profit can produce extra cash. The employees, most of whom are young college graduate can add $ I ,500 a year to average salaries of 528.000. and pay rise as employees learn new skill. It’s a phenomenal learning opportunity says, 24 year old team member Michael LoCastro. But LoCastro an

Unexpected Bonus

Unexpected Bonus Wajnert decided to hire his own employees and give them “ownership and accountability.” His first concern was to increase efficiency not to provide more rewarding jobs. But in the end he did both. In 1986. AITCC set up 11 teams of 10 to 15 newly hired workers in a high-volume division evening businesses. The three major lease pressing functions were combined in each team. longer w


AT&T Credit Corp. Millions of clerical employees toil in the back offices of financial companies processing applications claims and customer accounts on what amounts to electronic  assembly lines. The jobs are dull and repetitive and efficiency gains minuscule-s-when they come at all. That was the case with AT&T Credit Corp. (AITCC) when it opened shop in 1985 as a newly created subsidiary of American

Review and Discussion Questions?

Review and Discussion Questions? I. Think of three examples of ways in which an organization has changed to become more competitive. What impact do you think these changes have on the employees of the organization? 2. Which of the eight managerial roles do you practice in your role as a student. .. in activities in which you participate …. in your job? Which of Cameron and Whitener’s 10 skills do


Conclusion Today's managers face increased pressure to improve performance within their organizations Conclusion. This has come about for several reasons, including the growth in international com. petition and the need to excel simultaneously in a wide variety of areas. In order to produce more output with a smaller workforce, managers are now turning to their employees for ideas on how to improve worker produc

Work Task Continuum

Work Task Continuum One way of viewing the general nature of the physical requirements inherent in work is through the work task continuum shown in Exhibit 10″+. In this typology, manual tasks put stress on large muscle groups in the body and lead to overall fatigue. Motor tasks are controlled by the central nervous system and their measure of effectiveness is the speed and precision of movements. While th

Physical Considerations in Job Design

Physical Considerations in Job Design Beyond the behavioral components of  job design another aspect warrants consideration the physical components. Indeed while motivation and work-group structure strongly influence worker performance they may be of secondary importance if the job is too demanding or is otherwise improperly designed from a physical standpoint.

Job Enlargement’and Job Enrichment

Job Enlargement’and Job Enrichment Job enlargement generally entails making adjustments to a specialized job to make it more interesting to the job holder. A job i said to be enlarged horizontally if the worker performs a greater number or variety of tasks and it is said to be enlarged vertically if the worker is involved in planning, organizing and inspecting’ his or her own work. Horizontal job enl

Behavioral Considerations in Job Design

Behavioral Considerations in Job Design Degree of Labor Specialization Specialization of labor is a tow edged sword in job design. On one hand specialization has made possible high-speed. low-cost production and from a materialistic standpoint has greatly enhanced our standard of living. On the other hand it is well known that extreme specialization. such as that encountered on traditional assembly lines in mass