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Community Hospital

Community Hospital In 1983, Community Hospital, which had served the downtown area of a large We t Coast city for more than 25 years, closed and then built a new hospital in a thinly populated area about 30 mile's' west or the city. The new hospital, also named Community Hospital, was located on a parcel of land owned by the original hospital for many years. This new hospital, which opened October I. 1983. is a

Bruegger’s Bagel Bakeries(questions)

Questions l. Find an ASP on the Internet that provides detailed maps that include directions with distances and times between locations. Determine the travel times and distance between the two potential commissary sites and each of the four retail locations. 2. One alternative is for Nord to subcontract out the delivery of the bagels to a local food delivery service that has quoted a delivery charge of five cent

Bruegger’s Bagel Bakeries

Bruegger's Bagel Bakeries Founded in 1983 in Burlington, Vermont, Bruegger's Bagel Bakeries i a retail bagel concept that has grown to more than 300 neighborhood bagel bakeries throughout the United States. These stores are located in major downtown areas suburban strip shopping centers and easy-to-drive-to quick-service locations. In addition to bagels the bakeries also offer a wide variety of cream cheeses, s

Solved Problems

Problems 1. The Speedy Ambulance Service is searching for a location that will serve both as it headquarters and as a garage for its ambulances. You have been asked to chair the site selection search team. The team has identified the following factors that need to be considered in choosing a location, and also has assigned the following weights to these factors Solution 2.4 The search team has found three sites

Solved Problems

Problem 2 Personal Nursing Services (PNS) provides individualized nursing care to patients in three hospitals in the metropolitan area of a major city. For a variety of reasons, assignments often change at the last minute in terms of the number of patients to be cared for at each hospital. As a result, the nurses working for PNS report each morning to PNS's headquarters for their daily assignments. PNS then pro

Solved Problems

Problem 1 Luxury Hotels Inc. is looking to relocate its reservations call center and has identified the following factors and respective weights for evaluating each potential site: Problem 1 A consultant has identified the following three sites and has rated each of these locations on the above factors as follows: Factor                                                             Rat

Internet Exercise

Internet Exercise Visit the website of an ASP (application service provider) that will give you detailed maps that include the distance and time between any two locations. What is the estimated time it takes to go from your home to your school and how many miles is it? Use the same ASP to determine how far it is from your school to the nearest McDonald.

Review and Discussion Questions

Review and Discussion Questions I. List some practical limits to economies of scale; that is when should a plant stop growing in size? 2. What are some capacity balance problems faced by the following organizations or facilities? a. An airline terminal. b. A university computing center. c. A clothing manufacturer. 3. What are the primary capacity planning considerations for foreign companies locating their faci


Conclusion The decisions where and when to locate a facility and how big to make it are critical to the success If every business be it a manufacturing or service operation. As a result, significant analysis and planning are required to ensure that a potential location will properly support the long-term strategy and objectives of the firm. In addition the decision where to locate a new facility is complex invol

Capacity Measures

Capacity Measures. As described in detail in Chapter 5 capacity is the output of a process or facility over a given time period. For a manufacturing plant, examples of capacity include: televisions per week, barrels of oil per year and gallons of laundry detergent per month. For a service operation capacity is usually measured over shorter time periods, because time is more critical due to the customer's intera