Bruegger’s Bagel Bakeries(questions) Operations Management Assignment Help


l. Find an ASP on the Internet that provides detailed maps that include directions with distances and times between locations. Determine the travel times and distance between the two potential commissary sites and each of the four retail locations.

2. One alternative is for Nord to subcontract out the delivery of the bagels to a local food delivery service that has quoted a delivery charge of five cents per dozen bagels per mile. Using this cost as a criterion, which site should Nord select for the commissary? .•

3. Another option is to use a company truck, which is available, for the deliveries: With this alternative, Nord estimates that the driver will have to make one delivery per day to each of the four locations, and that the driver and truck will cost $30.00 per hour, including the driver's benefits. Under this scenario, which commissary site should Nord select?

4. Which of these two alternative methods of delivery (that is, outsourcing or keeping it in-house) do you recommend and why?

5. What.additional factors should Nord take into consideration in Inflecting a new commissary site south of Boston?

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