Breakthrough or Radical Products Operations Management Assignment Help

Breakthrough or Radical Products

At the other end of the new products spectrum are those products that are defined as breakthrough or radical products. The development of these products typically requires subs product design and process change. When successfully introduced. this type of product often creates an entirely new product category  which becomes a new core business for he firm  In so doing it creates an opportunity for it to be the first to enter an entirely new market. The first personal computer the first laptop. and the first cellular phone are all good examples of breakthrough or radical products. In the development of these breakthrough products  management also must recognize that significant process development is required.Product in this category are necessary for the long-term success of the firm  A combination of competitive environmental and technological force often render existing products solute in the long term  Breakthrough product. therefore enable the firm to succeed in its current markets. as well as in new markets. that   be created in the more distant future

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