Aggregate Planning


Conclusion Aggregate planning provides the link between the corporate strategic and capacity plans and workforce size, inventory quantity. and production levels. It does not involve detailed planning. It is also useful to point out some practical consideration – in aggregate planning. First, demand variations are a fact of life, so the planning system must include …

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Pres old Capacity

Pres old Capacity A final requirement for the successful implementation of yield management is that the lowerpriced capacity can be sold in advance. This limits the availability of capacity to the high erpriced market segments. As an illustration, hotels usually work with conference planners several years in advance of a conference, offering a given number …

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Product Perishability

Product Perishability The underlying reason that yield management can be applied to many types of services is the perishability of service capacity. In other words, service capital cannot be saved for futureĀ use. (Wouldn’t it be great if the airlines could save all of their empty seats during the year forĀ use during the Thanksgiving and Christmas …

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